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  • Small Cotton Pouch
    VX-5036-S As low as : $0.94(C)

    Natural, 5oz. 100% cotton pouch with a drawstring closure, an affordable and versatile carry all for a variety of uses, including a great goodie bag. Bold Artwork Only. 1-Color logo only.

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  • Medium Cotton Pouch
    VX-5036-M As low as : $1.04(C)

    Natural, 5oz. 100% cotton pouch with a drawstring closure, an affordable and versatile carry all for a variety of uses, including a great goodie bag. Bold Artwork Only. 1-Color logo only.

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  • Jute Pouch
    VX-5046 As low as : $1.35(C)

    This jute pouch is made from natural durable jute. It is the perfect bag for give always and recycle to hold make up, writing utensils and just about anything else. Your wrap around message is sure to be seen over and over again. And the drawstring closure ensures safe travels. Bold Artwork Only. 1-Color logo only.

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  • New Products

    Everyday Drawstring Backpack

    VX-9010 As low as : $1.49(C)

    This durable and lightweight 210D nylon drawstring backpack is perfect for every day.  Features metal grommets for added durability.

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  • Large Cotton Pouch
    VX-5036-L As low as : $1.58(C)

    Natural, 5oz. 100% cotton pouch with a drawstring closure, an affordable and versatile carry all for a variety of uses, including a great goodie bag. Bold Artwork Only. 1-Color logo only.

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  • Non-Woven Folding Tote
    VX-3052 As low as : $1.68(C)

    Non-woven tote. This foldable, 80GSM non-woven fabric tote is eco-conscious, appropriate and compact everyday carryalls. Useful pocket on front with button closure for easy storage.

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  • Michelle Cinch Backpack
    VX-5045 As low as : $1.74(C)

    A 5oz., 100% cotton backpack with double-cotton rope handles. Their back becomes your moving billboard! Bold Artwork Only. 1-Color logo only.

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  • Nikki Cotton Tote
    VX-5044 As low as : $1.75(C)

    This 5oz., 100% cotton tote bag is bold and super comfortable. It has easy over the shoulder handles and natural clean lines make it a classic. Bold Artwork Only. 1-Color logo only.

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  • The Kelly Shopper Tote
    VX-5041 As low as : $2.00(C)

    10oz., 100% cotton canvas tote bag, with clean lines, classic looks, and roomy handles, a perfect companion for the grab-and-go busy lifestyle. Bold Artwork Only. 1-Color logo only.

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  • Alyssa Jute Gift Tote
    VX-5037 As low as : $2.25(C)

    Made of natural, eco-friendly jute, this quick-grab carry-all tote bag is just right for shopping, to travel, and everywhere in between. Bold Artwork Only. 1-Color logo only.

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  • Justine Jute Wine Tote
    VX-5047 As low as : $2.43(C)

    Carry a bottle of wine in style with this classic wine tote bag, made from the eco-friendly, laminated natural jute with padded handles.

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  • Marge Canvas Tote
    VX-5042 As low as : $2.45(C)

    This 10oz., 100% cotton canvas shoulder tote bag is a one you’ll use over and over again. Soft and comfortable ensures ease of use, and roomy enough to hold what you need. Bold Artwork Only. 1-Color logo only.

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  • Shonda Jute Tote
    VX-5048 As low as : $2.75(C)

    The eco-friendly laminated jute tote bag, with self-fabric handles, is roomy enough for use over and over again.  

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  • New Products

    Prism Jute Tote

    VX-5091 As low as : $2.89(C)

    Grab and go with this colorful, eco-friendly jute bag with woven handles.

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  • Monica Juco Tote
    VX-5039 As low as : $2.98(C)

    It's the combination of eco-friendly jute and cotton that adds durability to this beautifully designed tote bag, perfect for conventions, outings and anywhere to promote a corporate message. Bold Artwork Only. 1-Color logo only.

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  • Julie Canvas Tote
    VX-5043 As low as : $3.23(C)

    This 8oz., 100% cotton canvas shoulder tote bag, is roomy enough to hold anything, from your laptop to your groceries. Let your message travel wherever this bag goes. Bold Artwork Only. 1-Color logo only.

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  • Heather Laminated Canvas Tote
    VX-5038 As low as : $3.45(C)

    Made from durable, 10oz. laminated cotton canvas with rope handles, this beatific and strong tote bag will undoubtedly be used over and over again for day at the beach, an afternoon by the pool, or a day of shopping. Bold Artwork Only. 1-Color logo only.

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  • Selina Jute Tote
    VX-5040 As low as : $3.50(C)

    Made from eco-friendly natural jute, this roomy and sturdy tote bag with its structured edges and rope handles, is high on style, as well as function.

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  • Whitney Jute Tote
    VX-5095 As low as : $3.65(C)

    A stylish and practical tote bag made from eco-friendly natural jute, with padded rope handles. Bold artwork only. 1-color logo only.

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  • Mara Money Belt
    VX-5027 As low as : $3.95(C)

    Keep your money and valuables close with this practical and pretty 50gsm ripstop nylon money belt. Especially great for travelers! Let your  message be seen time and time again. 1-Color logo only.

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  • New Products

    Organic Foldable Tote

    VX-5049 As low as : $4.30(C)

    This 10oz., 100% organic cotton foldable tote bag, with button loop closure and rope handles, is always ready when you need a bag. Just fold-up and button-up to pack away until needed again. Bold artwork and 1-color logo only.

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  • Lori Sports Bag
    VX-5031 As low as : $4.45(C)

    This foldable 80gsm nylon sports bag is the perfect size and shape for all your sports needs. It expands from a simple lightweight zippered rectangle that slips in anywhere to full bag that fits easily into your car or suitcase whenever you need an extra bag. Let your logo be seen on this versatile bag. 1-Color logo only.

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  • Hiking Buddy
    VX-3058 As low as : $4.50(C)

    Triangular sling bag . Out on the trail; carry everything you need in this small lightweight easy to carry triangular 210D nylon hiking sling pack. From your water bottle and snacks to your phone and keys, it’s perfect for outdoors activities. Keep your phone, wallet, and keys safely in bag with zipper closure. With adjustable shoulder strap you can modify it to it carry anyway comfortably. Get your Hiking Buddy and you’ll be on your way!

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  • New Products

    True Blue Jute Tote

    VX-5094 As low as : $5.95(C)

    True blue and truly fashionable. A great tote made of eco-friendly jute with padded woven handles, that is roomy and practical for everday use. 

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  • Allday Cooler Bag
    VX-1271 As low as : $6.15(C)

    Brighten up your day with this nice cooler bag! The bright neon features will make you happy just looking at it. This cooler bag can contain a sixpack of bottles or cans. The shoulder band makes it easy to carry it around.

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  • Chiller Cooler
    VX-5020 As low as : $6.97(C)

    The Chiller Cooler adds fun to function.  Made of 600D polyester, with a PEVA insulated lining, and a front pocket.  Its clever roll top design allows easy access when in use, but then forms a handle when the party is on the move.

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  • Jute Storage Bin
    VX-1254 As low as : $7.10(C)

    This jute bag is both enviromentlal friendly as multi-functional. Besides a regular bag it functions like a waste bin or laundry bag due to the plastic coating on the inside. You can also attach two or more together with velcro and use them as recycling bins

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  • Matt Foldable Backpack
    VX-5030 As low as : $7.15(C)

    A go everywhere foldable backpack, made from 130gsm nylon. Roomy and lightweight, with double front zippered pockets and strong reinforced straps.  Folds to an easy carry tote, have a great backpack style bag always on the ready. 1-Color logo only.

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  • Modern Cooler Bag
    VX-1272 As low as : $7.49(C)

    No lunch box will keep your food as fresh as this cooler lunch bag! Due to its insulation it will keep your drinks and lunch nice and cool. The convenient top handle makes it easy to carry around.

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  • Kim Travel Bag
    VX-5026 As low as : $8.70(C)

    This foldable duffel bag, made of 240gsm nylon, is large enough to hold your necessities, but small enough to fold away for easy keeping It is sleek and functional with a grab and go handle or a sturdy nylon shoulder strap. 1-Color logo only.

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  • Beach Bag
    VX-1258 As low as : $9.65(C)

    Need a break? Take this nice beach bag and march on to the beach. It's a real head turner!

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  • Cork Tote Bag
    VX-1256 As low as : $9.86(C)

    Keep it cool with this stylish cork beach bag. Besides keeping your contents dry, it will also keep it nice and cool since cork is a natural insulator. It's also water resistant!

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  • Large Beach Bag
    VX-1257 As low as : $10.39(C)

    A day at the beach will be even better with this bag hanging on your shoulder!

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  • Jersey Shoulder Bag
    VX-1206 As low as : $13.46(C)

    Sporty and classy; this jersey bag is THE way to carry your stuff around!

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  • Canvas Shoulder Bag
    VX-1205 As low as : $14.20(C)

    This canvas shoulder bag will put you right in the spotlight. With it's bright neon accents it's a real eyecatcher. 

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  • Foldable Travel Bag
    VX-1264 As low as : $14.26(C)

    Like to travel light? Then this is the bag you're looking for! The material is light, durable and comes in multiple colors. When you don't need it you can just fold it into the front pouch. The small package will be easy to store anywhere!

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  • Picnic Cooler Bag
    VX-1284 As low as : $14.58(C)

    A romantic moonlight picknick will be much more convenient if you bring this wine cooler bag. Its separate compartment features a butter knife, wine opener and a woorden board and the bag itself can contain two bottles. This is all you need for that special date!

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  • Humongous Backpack
    VX-1269 As low as : $20.94(C)

    Attention all hikers! No more cramping your stuff in a small backpack. With just a tug on the bottom zipper you enlarge this backpack by 5 inch in length. This backpack is both spaceous and water resistant.

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